Rani Laxmibai Military School Girls Hostel capacity 720 Cadets, Pune

Gut No.80 K, Kasaramboli, Post-Pirangut, Mulshi, Pune - 412115 Maharashtra, India
+ (91) (020) 291102

शाला समिती

श्रीमती माधवी मेहेंदळे

डॉ.भ.सि. व्हनकटे
श्रीमती पूजा जोग
श्री.समीर जाधव

श्रीमती चित्रा नगरकर
श्रीमती मानसी भाटे

उप मुख्याध्यापक
श्री. अनंत कुलकर्णी
  • The school is spread over 30 Acres land consisting school main building, Hostel and Mess building, Multipurpose hall, Sports fields, staff quarters etc.

  • Environment friendly practices, like Stones for construction, Solar panels for heating bathing water (residences), rain water harvesting, recycling waste-water followed

  • The entire building is constructed to have abundance of air and natural light

  • Spectacular Hostel building accommodating 720 cadets well equipped with all residential needs

  • A lady warden is available in every ward. The cadets are taught self-management skills besides providing good lodging and boarding facilities.

  • Well equipped mess with a dining capacity of 720 cadets. The cadets are provided well balanced healthy meals which includes dates, sprouts, fruits and seasonal vegetables

  • Sports facilities for indoor and outdoor games
    - Basketball courts
    - Volleyball court
    - Table tennis courts
    - Kho-kho ground
    - Firing range
    - Archery
    - Parade ground
    - Standard Obstacle course

  • MI Room
    The MI room is equipped with required medicines and initial hospitalization facilities. The cadets when sick contact the warden immediately. Full time trained nurse.
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